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Linda excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

I have been a client of GCESS for some time now, and feel very lucky and appreciative of the help, support and encouragement of my Training and Placement Officer.  With their direction I feel motivated to find employment and I am now happy to be back in the workforce.

Cherie excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

Gold Coast Employment Support Services have been there every step of the way for me during the journey from unemployment to finding my dream job, and going above the requirements, helping me out where ever they could with support, transport, advice and guidance.  Thank you.

Sarah excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

“We have worked with GCESS for six years.  We have had no concerns because the Training and Placement Officers are very helpful and always available for ‘on-the-job support’ whenever needed.”

Crystal Excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

“I believe that since I have been with GCESS I have received excellent support, both when applying for a position and since obtaining employment.  I am able to talk to Leisa about all aspects of my work.  By having weekly contact with her I feel confident that I can talk about my employment needs and any work problems.”

James and John Excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

“I would like to say thank you for looking after my son James. James is doing well after your help. He is happy with his job at KFC, also he is signing up for a course to get his Hospitality certificate III. Your service is great and we are lucky to have had you. We appreciate your time and effort that you have put in and we are looking forward to seeing more of you.”

Helen excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

“It has been my experience as a member of the National Panel of Assessors, that they have for many years provided, at all service provision levels, a consistent ongoing high level of professionalism, knowledge of disability, facilitating and enhancing the employment and social inclusion of people with disabilities within the community.”

Gail excerpt

150 150 Jeremy Owen

“At present the job market appears to be difficult for many with a disability, however Leisa [from GCESS] has shown tremendous drive, enthusiasm and resolve to progress that opportunity for Amber at Bond University. I not only commend Leisa on her adeptness in this situation but also her integrity as she has gone above and beyond her duty to Amber on so many occasions.”