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About Us

GCESS Mission & Values

GCESS provides specialised disability employment services to people with physical or mental disabilities or barriers, helping them gain and retain employment.

Established in 1992, GCESS is a not for profit organisation, dedicated to providing a superior support service that is responsive to the needs of both the service recipient and employer.

Our logo is a symbol of the core values and objectives of GCESS.

It represents conformity to show that we all fit together to create a complete picture, regardless of what disabilities we may have. The flower is a symbol of the growth our clients can achieve and the positivity they can gain through the help and support of GCESS.

  • We are committed to upholding Legal and Human rights of all service recipients.
  • We embrace the Policies and Procedures for the prevention of abuse and neglect in all services.
  • We participate in ethical dealings with all our stakeholders.
  • We acknowledge and respects the contribution and value of the individual.
  • We continuously focus on the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities
  • We accept diversity, embracing ‘one world-one people’.
  • We value professionalism, integrity, performance and teamwork.

GCESS Corporate Mission

To provide responsible, ethical and compassionate corporate governance, to determine policies and oversee the direction and financial viability of GCESS.

GCESS Mission Statement

GCESS is committed to empowering lives through quality employment support and training for people with disabilities or barriers, who aspire to gain award based employment.

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