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GCESS Service Philosophy

Our Service Philosophy: Commitment to Excellent Support Services

The service philosophy of Gold Coast Employment Support Service Inc. strives for excellence in all parameters of employment support for people with a disability.

We believe our Service Recipients are entitled to high quality, appropriate employment support delivered in an environment in which they feel safe, free from discrimination, abuse and with regard to their individual employment needs.

We are a professional employment agency who support and believe in people with a disability and their right to be recognised as valued members of the community.

Our services are specially designed to promote co-operative and effective communication between the service providers and recipients. We aim to provide a transparent service which allows maximum opportunity for involvement and feedback.

GCESS is committed to upholding the Legal and Human Rights of all Service Recipients and have embraced policies and procedures for the prevention of abuse and neglect.

We aim to continually comply with the priorities and conditions of Government funded Agreements, Government Acts, and the Disability Service Standards. Quality of service is the key responsibility of every individual staff and committee member of GCESS.

Gold Coast Employment Support Service Inc. requires its Board Members and staff to act and work in a professional manner. They are required to inform service recipients of their rights and responsibilities, and to ensure that these rights are observed at all times.