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Testimonials From Disability Service Recipients

After you read the testimonials of what parents and loved ones with disabilities had to say about our services, if you’re looking for disability support or disability employment services on the Gold Coast please fill out our disability employment application to submit an enquiry.

We wanted to send a testimonial for parents who follow in our footsteps.  We are the parents of a son with a mild intellectual disability who has been in the workforce since he was 18.  We cannot speak highly enough of Steve at GCESS.   GCESS is not the first agency we have had dealing with, however Steve, our son’s Case Manager has by far the most approachable, caring, practical, and hands-on attitude you could ever wish for.  Our son feels very fortunate to have Steve as his Case Manager and also thinks of him as a friend.   Our son is very happy with his present job which was sourced and obtained with Steve’s assistance and hard work.

Trish and Glen

After an assault left my son Billy with an acquired brain injury in 2007, I found that once we were out of hospital and rehab facilities, we were pretty much left to figure life out for ourselves.  I had tried a few different outreach services but found that, once again, everything was left to me to chase and organise.  I found this quite tough, as I am a single mother with two children still in school.  I tried to get Billy in TAFE and also managed to get him a little bit of volunteer work, but neither worked out in the end.   I finally had a meeting with GCESS and found they were professional and friendly.  Meeting Sally has been the turning point in my and Billy’s life.  She is an amazing woman who goes above and beyond for her clients.  Sally is always there when we need her; she understands Billy and his needs.  Genuine, kind, caring and professional are just a few words to describe Sally.  I am so grateful that Sally is in our lives.  Thank you.


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank GCESS for all the help and support I received while in the care of GCESS.  Steve, in my opinion, went above and beyond what I expected and helped me not only in trying to source work trials and employment, but also with matters involving doctors and Centrelink, which I found to be extremely helpful and prevented me from getting anxious about what and how to do it all.  It was unfortunate that I was unable to continue with GCESS due to my chronic back pain.  However I have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.  If my health situation changes and I am one day able to start seeking employment again, I will be asking Centrelink to be referred to your service.”


“I believe that since I have been with GCESS I have received excellent support, both when applying for a position and since obtaining employment.  I am able to talk to Leisa about all aspects of my work.  By having weekly contact with her I feel confident that I can talk about my employment needs and any work problems.”


“GCESS has been most helpful to my son and I in helping him in every way needed.   He was no sooner registered with them, when his Case Manager Steve found him employment in a job which he had now been working in for two years.  Steven has been more than helpful, calling in at his work regularly to support him in any way needed and to help him if and when he cannot quite understand what to do.  As well as helping to build Mark’s confidence, Steve also makes him feel secure in his work which Mark really appreciates.  As for me, as a parent it is very reassuring to know that Mark is now happy and secure and I can’t thank Steve and GCESS enough for all they have done.”

Peg and Cliff

“I am writing this letter out of appreciation for the support and help I have received from GCESS. In a short period of time, with the professional help and commitment of my case worker Hue Trowbridge I have been placed in a position I believe I would not have achieved by myself at the time. With continuous and uplifting personal help from Hue I once again feel like a worthwhile member of the community. Hue’s commitment to his work finding a suitable position of employment for me needs to be commended, as does the support of the whole GCESS team which could be called upon at any time. I am grateful to have received this help, commiment and motivation from a responsible, well meaning employment centre.

Thanks Hue and staff, all the best. “


“I would like to say thank you for looking after my son James. James is doing well after your help. He is happy with his job at KFC, also he is signing up for a course to get his Hospitality certificate III. Your service is great and we are lucky to have had you. We appreciate your time and effort that you have put in and we are looking forward to seeing more of you.”

James and John

“Hi, my name is Dianne and I have been working at Mc Donalds Family Restraunt as a Dining Room Hostess/Cleaner in Southport since 2002. GCESS sourced that position for me and for the last 5 years I have been supported by Steve, my Job Placement Assistant.

Throughout my employment Steve has always been there to help me through any difficult times or changes in the workplace, and always made sure I was happy. He also helped me many times with non work related matters like paper work and appointments etc. I would like to thanks all the staff at GCESS as if it wasn’t for their help and support, I would never have got the opportunity to work at McDonalds and would never have made so many new friends.

In December 2010 I decided, as I am about to have my 60th Birthday, that I would hang up the cloth, and retired from my job as Restaurant Hostess at McDonalds. I enjoy playing tennis and love Rock n’ roll dancing at Runaway Bay League’s Club every Thursday nights. I have Sundays free now that I have retired and am looking forward to rejoining the church choir again.

My message to everyone reading this newsletter is ‘have a go’- you may be suprised how much you can achieve and how much you can enjoy work. I certainly did!”


“Regarding the association of Sunhaven with GCESS. Sunhaven commenced employment activities in 2009 by employing six staff through GCESS.  Staff were employed to do packing and mail despatch.  Four have stayed and still work with us. 

As a new disability service, we appreciate the good advice and service including the regular visits, regular meetings with staff and, particularly, working through early training and personality concerns.  The matching of staff to the tasks was excellent and staff are reliable and stable. 

GCESS offers good support to us and our staff and I would be pleased to engage them in future staff acquisition and to recommend them to anyone.”

Alf from Sunhaven

“My business has been associated with GCESS for nine years now, as I am committed to employing people with disabilities.

Over the years, I have dealt with other employment services as well, much to my sorrow!! as they place clients with you and provide no support, you may be lucky to receive a phoone call from time to time, that’s what they determine to be support. 

On the other hand, GCESS have total commitment in every respect to their clients’ work placement and assistance is given to the employer with initial training and full support on a regular basis.  Melissa Williams and her team are totally responsive to any problems that arise at any given moment and nothing is too much trouble, showing the utmost care and concern for their clients, their standards and ethics are of the highest level and I consider Melissa and her team outstanding and leaders in their profession and role models for other employment groups.

GCESS should be commended for their impeccable service. I look forward to many more years working alongside GCESS.  I feel privileged and honoured to know and work with them.”

Jen's Lawnmowing and Total Garden Care

“This is a testimonial for GCESS on behalf of my intellectually disabled son Matthew.

Matthew became involved with GCESS about five years ago with the result of him securing employment with a Bowls Club. This has been a successful union with Matthew starting work at the Bowls Club in 2007 and still working there today.

GCESS is constantly in touch with Matt and provides support for his ongoing needs as they arise. Steve is Matt’s support worker and attends meetings with him at work which is extremely important so Matt understands what is expected of him in the work environment. This support is also important to me, as I am always at work when these meetings occur. 

Steve was recently extremely helpful in assisting me to obtain Matt a taxi subsidy to get him to and from work.

Steve has always been extremely helpful to both myself and Matthew and we look forward to his and GCESSs continued support for Matt’s ongoing employment needs.

Being useful and productive is extremely important for anyone with a disability.”

Matthew and Sandy

“I wish to document the excellent service provided by GCESS concerning Amber Casey.

Amber has received professional and personalised assistance by the organisation but particularly from Leisa Gamblin. At all times Leisa has demonstrated empathy and proficiency in assisting Amber within the workplace and then most recently, a persistence and determination in job searching.

At present the job market appears to be difficult for many with a disability, however Leisa has shown tremendous drive, enthusiasm and resolve to progress that opportunity for Amber at Bond University. I can only commend Leisa on her adeptness in this situation but also her integrity as she has gone above and beyond her duty to Amber on so many occasions.

Amber, I am sure, will continue to be well supported by Jodie as a true reflection of the mission and service philosophy of GCESS.”


I am writing in reference to GCESS in regards to my experience of their overall DES provider services offered and the positive effective service provision they provide.

It has been my experience as a member of the National Panel of Assessors, that they have for many years provided, at all service provision levels, a consistent ongoing high level of professionalism, knowledge of disability, facilitating and enhancing the employment and social inclusion of people with disabilities within the community.

The service is flexible, focusing on individual participant centred sustainable employment, training, skills enhancement and assessment service. Barriers to employment are identified and vocational service provision is utilised to assist people with a disability successfully gain and maintain employment.

Employers are always assisted and supported in the workplace and positive collaborative relationships are fostered to raise awareness of the value of employing people with a disability.