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Find Out if You Qualify for Disability Support

Before filling out an enquiry through our disability employment application / enquiry form please read through the following information to see if you meet the following criteria:

  • Registered as unemployed and endorsed by Centrelink or be prepared to register with Centrelink to enable assessment and endorsement.
  • Need support to gain or maintain employment.
  • Have access to transport and with minimal guidance be able to travel to and from work.
  • Demonstrate the capacity to work with minimal support/supervision after reasonable training and support.
  • Be willing and motivated to work and be prepared to accept suitable job opportunities.
  • Be prepared to work for eight hours or more per week if you are a DSP recipient or voluntary jobseeker.
  • Be living in a stable home environment.
  • Have the support of their primary care giver, if applicable.
  • Be receiving appropriate support for their medical condition (where applicable) and agree to abide by the medical strategies prescribed by their medical professional.
  • Agree to provide additional information to GCESS to determine if we have the resources and competencies to assist and plan required support strategies.

Our services do not discriminate on the severity of a person’s disability, subject to the availability of the resources and expertise required to achievement employment.

Submit Your Enquiry

Please fill in and submit the form below to submit your enquiry for employment to GCESS and one of our support team members will get in touch with you.