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Looking for Staff

Looking for Staff? We Can Help.

Through our disability staffing services, Gold Coast Employment Support Service gives employers the chance to help someone rebuild and empower their lives through offering employment to our clients with disability.

Disability Staffing Service Advantages

Advantages of employing a person with disability include:

  • Productivity rates comparable to other employees.
  • Low levels of absenteeism from employees with disability.
  • High level of loyalty to the business.
  • Overall increase in staff morale.
  • Increased awareness of workplace practices.

GCESS offer a wide range of services to employers during the process of hiring employees and maintaining on-the-job support.  We have a dedicated service guarantee that we encourage you to read about. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in recruiting and learning more about our disability staffing services.

More information about employing someone with disability is available at www.jobaccess.gov.au.