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“This is a testimonial for GCESS on behalf of my intellectually disabled son Matthew.

Matthew became involved with GCESS about five years ago with the result of him securing employment with a Bowls Club. This has been a successful union with Matthew starting work at the Bowls Club in 2007 and still working there today.

GCESS is constantly in touch with Matt and provides support for his ongoing needs as they arise. Steve is Matt’s support worker and attends meetings with him at work which is extremely important so Matt understands what is expected of him in the work environment. This support is also important to me, as I am always at work when these meetings occur. 

Steve was recently extremely helpful in assisting me to obtain Matt a taxi subsidy to get him to and from work.

Steve has always been extremely helpful to both myself and Matthew and we look forward to his and GCESSs continued support for Matt’s ongoing employment needs.

Being useful and productive is extremely important for anyone with a disability.”

Matthew and Sandy