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“Hi, my name is Dianne and I have been working at Mc Donalds Family Restraunt as a Dining Room Hostess/Cleaner in Southport since 2002. GCESS sourced that position for me and for the last 5 years I have been supported by Steve, my Job Placement Assistant.

Throughout my employment Steve has always been there to help me through any difficult times or changes in the workplace, and always made sure I was happy. He also helped me many times with non work related matters like paper work and appointments etc. I would like to thanks all the staff at GCESS as if it wasn’t for their help and support, I would never have got the opportunity to work at McDonalds and would never have made so many new friends.

In December 2010 I decided, as I am about to have my 60th Birthday, that I would hang up the cloth, and retired from my job as Restaurant Hostess at McDonalds. I enjoy playing tennis and love Rock n’ roll dancing at Runaway Bay League’s Club every Thursday nights. I have Sundays free now that I have retired and am looking forward to rejoining the church choir again.

My message to everyone reading this newsletter is ‘have a go’- you may be suprised how much you can achieve and how much you can enjoy work. I certainly did!”